’20 Topps Inception Baseball 4 box Random Team Break #3 -mbb864


Breaks when full.

4 boxes/1 hit per box

Cards/Royals/Rangers combo team.

Random Teams

All cards ship!

Version #3

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*28 spots available-Cards/Royals/Rangers Combo team.

2020 Topps Inception Baseball Hobby Box

Each Box of 2020 Inception Baseball contains One Autograph or Autograph Relic Card!

Each CASE Guarantees Four Inception Autograph Patch Cards, One Inception Silver Signings Autograph, and One Autograph Jumbo Patch Card or Autograph Jumbo Hat Patch Card!

Collect a 100-Card Base Set and several Parallels of the Base Set!

Topps Inception Baseball returns, celebrating the exciting young talent in the MLB including cards of one of the most sought-after rookie classes the hobby has seen! 2020 Inception will deliver oncard autographs and autograph relics of some of the most collectible names in Baseball, leading up to the start of the 2020 MLB season.

NEW for 2020! Look for Dawn of Greatness Autographs, Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards, and Autographed Game Sock Relic Cards!

Look for Rookie Cards of Bo Bichette, Yordan Alvarez, Gavin Lux, and Aristedes Aquino!


Base Cards:

Loaded with young talent, this 100 card set includes the brightest and best Major League Baseball has to offer.

Base Card Parallels:

– Green Parallel: Limited
– Purple Parallel: Seq #’d to 150
– Magenta Parallel: Seq #’d to 99
– Red Parallel: Seq #’d to 75
– Orange Parallel: Seq #’d to 50
– Blue Parallel: Seq #’d to 25
– Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1
– Printing Plates: Seq #’d to 1/1

On-Card Autographs:

Base Rookies & Emerging Stars Autographs:

Base version sequentially numbered to 299 or less


– Magenta Parallel: Seq #’d to 99
– Red Parallel: Seq #’d to 75
– Orange Parallel: Seq #’d to 50
– Blue Parallel: Seq #’d to 25
– Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1

Inception Silver Signings:

Young stars of the MLB including new rookies for 2020 sign in silver ink. Base version numbered to 100 or less.


– Gold Ink Parallel: Seq #’d to 25
– Gold Ink Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1

NEW! Inception Dawn of Greatness Autographs:

Celebrating the beginnings of some of the most legendary careers in MLB history. Seq. #’d to 20


– Orange Parallel: Seq #’d to 10
– Blue Parallel: Seq #’d to 5
– Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1

Short Print Inception Autographs:

Image variations of some of the most collectible names in the set. Seq. #’d to 10

Autographed Patch Cards:

Inception Autograph Patch Cards:

Late 2019 MLB call-ups and other young rising stars are highlighted. Each card will contain the player’s autograph and a jersey patch piece. Base version sequentially numbered. 4 PER CASE


– Magenta Parallel: Seq #’d
– Red Parallel: Seq #’d to 25
– Orange Parallel: Seq #’d to 10
– Blue Parallel: Seq #’d to 6 – Uniform Buttons!
– Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1 – Majestic Jersey Sleeve Logo!

Inception Autograph Jumbo Patch Cards:

Featuring a JUMBO patch piece alongside the player’s autograph. 1 PER CASE


– Orange Parallel: Seq #’d to 25
– Blue Parallel: Seq #’d to 10
– Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1 – Team Logo!

Inception Autographed Jumbo Hat Patch Cards:

– Team Logo Patch: Seq. #’d to 5
– New Era Logo: Seq. #’d to 5
– Batterman Logo: Seq. #’d to 5

Inception Autographed Team Logo Patch Book Card:

The largest patch size possible is shown here on book cards sequentially numbered to 2

Inception Autographed Laundry Tag Book Cards:

Jersey laundry tags alongside player autographs. Seq. #’d 1/1

Inception Autographed Letters Book Cards:

Utilizing uniform nameplate patch pieces. Seq. #’d to 2

Inception Autographed MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch Book Cards:

Highlighting the MLB Logo Patch from jersey collars. Seq. #’d 1/1

NEW! Inception Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards:

Two MLB young stars with autographs and relics from each Seq. #’d to 3

– Inception Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1

NEW! Inception Autographed Game Socks Relic Cards:

Pairing rising MLB stars and rookies with worn Stance team socks and autographs. Seq. #’d to 25 or less

– Stance Logo Parallel: Seq #’d 1/1

1 Pack Per Box, 7 Cards Per Pack