’21 Topps Transcendent Baseball 1 case (57 spots) Hit Draft -mbb3076


Breaks when full.

57 spots (see description)

Hit Draft Style. Everyone receives card(s).

Draft in Discord Break Club. (link provided)

Out of stock



When all 57 spots are filled, buyers will be emailed and social media posts will be made announcing the date/time of the break on YouTube. Case will be opened live and recorded. At the conclusion of the case reveal, the list of 57 buyers will be randomized live using a verified random drawing (random.org). This new list becomes the draft order. Draft will take place in the Break Club discord and an invite link will be provided. (If you absolutely do not want to join Discord, other arrangements can be made and will have no negative impact.) When it’s your turn to draft, you will be pinged/tagged but you can also track the progression of the draft yourself. NO ONE WILL EVER BE SKIPPED, TIMED OUT, OR PICKED FOR. If necessary, you can be contacted on social media, email, or cell text, but be sure we have that info.

Here are the 57 spots, per Cardboard Connection:

2021 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 50 Transcendent Collection Autographs (#/25 or less)
  • 1 of each:
    • Transcendent Icons Gold Deco Autograph (1/1)
    • 1957 Topps Superfractor Autograph (1/1)
    • Through the Years Autograph (1/1)
    • Autographed Patch or Autograph Bat Knob/Nameplate Book (1/1)
    • Oversized Cut Signature, Dual Cut Signature or Oversized Letter Autograph (1/1)
    • Original Art Sketch or Original Art Sketch Relic (1/1)
  • 1 Full Transcendent Icons Base Set (50 cards) This set counts as 1 spot/pick.

Note: There is no party invitation as that has already occurred.

*If additional cards are found in the case, the bottom spots in the draft will have the opportunity to pick a 2nd card. (snake)