Welcome to Midwest Box Breaks!

What is a “Break”?

A Break (also called Group Breaks) is an event where the host (Breaker) provides sealed boxes or cases of Sports Card products and sells off the teams or “spots” to collectors who would rather just buy a team instead of paying for entire boxes themselves. When all teams/spots are sold, the Break host streams/records a live opening of the boxes and the customers get everything pulled for their assigned/purchased teams. At Midwest Box Breaks, ALL cards for your team are shipped to you.

Different Break Styles

Pick Your Team (PYT) Breaks

You buy a specific team. Ex: Yankees, Packers, Bulls. Teams are priced based on what players, prospects, autographs, overall players, and other rare cards have the POSSIBILITY of being pulled based on a checklist that is published by the manufacturer. Always review the checklist before purchasing a team as some players don’t appear in all products. In some cases, certain teams may not have a chance at autographed cards. Several sites provide checklists, but you can always just Google the product and include the word “checklist”.

Random Team Breaks

Every team is priced the same. Break is full when all spots are sold. (Ex: Baseball 30 teams/30 spots.) When the live streaming begins, the teams are randomized (scrambled) using random.org, a trusted randomizer program. The team owners are then also randomized and paired with the team list. At Midwest Box Breaks, owners have a brief window to try to make trades with the other owners if desired. If you are not watching live, or don’t trade, you get whatever team was drawn.


A mixer is a break that contains multiple card products, or different years of products. Products included should be in the item picture and/or the break description.

Other Breaks

Other popular break styles include Tiered Teams, Draft Style, Random Divisions, Serial Number, and Player Breaks. Always ask questions before purchasing.

How do I get in on a break?

To join a Break event at Midwest Box Breaks, go to MidwestBoxBreaks.net and find a break that fits your needs/budget. Look for the tab/section that says “Breaks” or “Rips”.  You may see other listings from our resident Break partners (Ex: Zebra Breaks). Those are also safe to join as they are part of the team.

Note:midwestboxbreaks.net takes you to our ecommerce and content site hosted on the District platform (built by the same team that created SnapChat). You may hear or see us casually refer to it as “MBB Marketplace”. All purchases there are 100% safe and secure through Stripe and Paypal and include 100% buyer protection. 

What happens next?

We will post break schedule updates on social media, and post info in the general chat of MidwestBoxBreaks.net

When your break goes live, an email will be sent and depending on your smartphone type, you may also get a ping alert.

  1. Come watch us live on MidwestBoxBreaks.net. The main page will have the break streamed at the top, just click to join. You can also watch on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/midwestboxbreaks
  2. Unable to watch live? Watch all previously recorded breaks on YouTube or watch archived breaks on MidwestBoxBreaks.net under the “Livestreams” tab.

Breaks are also streamed onto Twitch, Twitter/X, and Facebook.

Cards are shipped weekly, usually Monday. 

Why should I join Midwest Box Breaks?

MBB has been a trusted and respected member of the sports card community since 2018. We have appeared in several hobby publications, featured on numerous podcasts, partnered with some of the best companies in the industry, and even been on television a few times. Our member list includes thousands of trusted and respected members of the card hobby, including several professional athletes and members of the sports media. We donate thousands each year to several great charities and work with our local minor league teams the Fort Wayne Tincaps and Fort Wayne Komets. The MBB Card Community donates thousands of cards to young collectors every month. Our group is built to support and educate new card collectors and people returning to the hobby after several years or even decades away.