Frequently Asked Questions

What are group breaks and why should I buy in?

A group of people share boxes of cards by dividing up the product by team. Gone are the days where you can run to your local card store (LCS) and/or retail store, Walmart, Target etc and pick up a $2 pack of cards. Boxes of cards today range between $5 and $200, so group breaking allows the participants a shot at high end products with a low investment.

Many people who personally collect and/or PC a team are able to get players from their favorite team without having to deal with cards from their rivals.  People who collect a specific player are able to target rookie years and build up their personal collection. 

What cards get shipped?

All cards get shipped. All cards get packaged on Sunday and shipped on Monday. When shipped you will receive a tracking number via Stamps.com. If you are in our Discord group please use #shipping-notes-list-trades-here-or-give-someone-a-card if you trade someone via Direct Message/DM. 

How do I get in on a break?

Register for our site with your information. Add a spot in any one of our breaks to your shopping cart and checkout via Paypal. Once you are done with your cart, proceed to checkout and you will be redirected to PayPal for a secure checkout.

What happens next?

  1. Come watch us live on https://www.youtube.com/midwestboxbreaks 
  2. Unable to watch live?  Watch all previously recorded breaks on https://www.youtube.com/midwestboxbreaks 
  3. Whether you can be there live or check out the break later, all your cards will be shipped on Sunday/Monday. 

Different Break Styles

PYT (Pick Your Team) Breaks

Collectors buy a single team from an entire box or case of cards. Teams are priced based on the amount of cards in the checklist for that specific team. If you are an avid fan or personal collector of a specific team, this break style is for you. 

Random Breaks

Teams will be sold as fixed price slots. All teams on the checklist will have a slot, sometimes even buy one get one free! The names of the collectors will be thrown into the random.org list generator and we will randomize the order of the collectors. We will then follow the same process with the teams. On an excel spreadsheet, we will line up your name with the team from the random generator and that is your team or teams for the break. We use https://www.random.org/ to randomize and you get a confirmation code for that randomizer.


This style draft allows collectors to get a team from a variety of years of a card product. You can collect your favorite team throughout the years and get whatever hits come to your team. These breaks can be sold as team or random style breaks.


Consider this a snake draft. Everyone buys into a break at the same price. This includes the whole league of that certain. All team of the NBA, NFL, etc…. Once everyone is paid the names into a randomizer and you can pick the team you like. If you are pick number one in NBA you can pick Pelicans etc or if you are a Jets fan you can pick the Jets #1.  

Chat and Interaction

Here at MWBB we thrive on fan and collector interaction.  There is a live chat during every break that is run by Youtube.  If you have any questions about the chat, check with us.  If you are having issues or questions we can’t answer, contact us midwestboxbreaks@gmail.com. We encourage everyone to join us on Discord. Please reach out to Ben via Twitter @midwestboxbreaks to join Discord.

Hitless Breaks

We can not guarantee you will get a card or hit in each break. Clearly sometimes the odds are not in our favor. Some breaks will have hitless protection in which we might raffle something off if you did not hit anything. Sometimes a helmet, sometimes a credit, sometimes a few break in the next breaks. Hitless protections is not always guaranteed in breaks but we try our best.