Break Club NFT Lifetime Membership Pass -mer5


Lifetime Membership!

Packed with benefits.

Cheap breaks!

Amazing Community!

199 Available



*Be sure to check out the details and benefits of “Break Club NFT” before purchasing. You can go to and read up on the goals, benefits, and details of the group. You can also access the site by clicking “Break Club NFT” tab at the top of the main page here.

**This product is being listed on the MBB site as an alternate way to join Break Club NFT for people who do not want to try to mint (buy) the membership token the standard way by purchasing Ethereum (crypto currency).

How it works:

  1. Purchase you lifetime membership here.
  2. Contact Ben at MBB. email: or by sending a DM on Twitter or Discord. DM is best and fastest! Let him know you’ve purchased the membership.
  3. You’ll need to download the Metamask app, which is free. You’ll send Ben your wallet address by copying and pasting from the Metamask “wallet”.
  4. Ben will send your membership token to your virtual wallet.
  5. Join the Break Club NFT Discord. (Link can be found on or twitter bio @breakclubNFT, or Ben can send. Be sure to click the green check mark at the bottom of the welcome message.
  6. In the general chat, “I just minted my token” Watch for a message from Ben or Newmy. (Do not click suspicious links in dm messages!) A team member, usually Newmy will help you verify your token which grants access to the members only rooms and the break site.
  7. You’ll be all set up and ready to enjoy all the benefits in just a few minutes after purchasing.

Note: membership price may change periodically due to cost of Ethereum, which does fluctuate based on crypto market conditions.  You will not be charged more or less after making your purchase.

Payment plan option: Contact Ben if you’d like to set up a payment plan to obtain your Break Club membership.